Traverse Nepal : The Home Coming – Milan Thapa


Published on March 21, 2018 by Video Sansar

‘There’s no place like home.’ Always had love for my motherland, but never knew how beautiful it was. I always realized my lens were missing those breathtaking landscapes. After 2 years of long stay, I got my chance to go back to capture those beauties. I always had urge to make my country known worldwide. And I took my chance and came up with this particular project; TRAVERSE NEPAL.

TRAVERSE NEPAL, talking about this project, this is my cinematic presentation for my portfolio. It is definitely the most difficult project I have done until now. It took a lot of hardwork and toll to come up with this final product. Sure I got a lot of helping hands and generosity around me, and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you everyone who supported me throughout the time.

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a film by Milan Thapa
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Music : Rohit Shakya

Thanks Abin Bho for providing me some awesome hyperlapse footage (ie 1:09 and 3:24).

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